June 20, 2012

Reception Day # 1

Theme : Blue Colour
AKI_3403 AKI_3908
and it can fit all my families members :) i love it
AKI_3385 of course it fit well with both of us
AKI_3345DSC_7479and at corner of living room, i display our hantaran since we have small platform and white carpet
this is our main table with same decoration.. I request for 10 person and in T shape but at the day event, they provide for 12 person. thanks to boutique for your kindness. dais and main table are from same boutique, based at Shahab Perdana. I also provide reserved area for others groom side. we rent 4 round table with 8 sitting and chair cover since the catering cannot provide these item.
AKI_2996   AKI_3082  this is bride’s room and all decoration are by myself.
AKI_3133  AKI_3335
AKI_3137  AKI_3144   AKI_3371
candy station and photo booth are special made by my sister, my brother and my sister in law. thanks to all families make a reality  my wedding dream

June 14, 2012

Bride and Groom # Reception Attire (Groom Side)

 AKI_4712 AKI_4731  AKI_4834
Groom :
Wedding Suit (Custom Made by President’s Boutique)
Accessories  (by Groom)
Bride :
Dress- Custom Made by Ku Mann
Veil - Custom Made by Ku Mann
Make up  by Wani

Bride and Groom # Solemnization Attire

Groom :
Baju Melayu (Custom Made by President’s Boutique)
Sampin (by Groom)
Songkok (by Groom)
AKI_2839 AKI_2855 AKI_2964  SYA_7471
Bride :
Baju Kurung Moden - Custom Made by Ku Mann Boutique
Veil - Custom Made by Ku Mann Boutique
Make up  by Wani